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Created with community at its core, The Yoga Library is more than just an online studio. It is a place to study movement and mindfulness. A library of classes from our amazing network of teachers. For you to enjoy, whenever you need them.

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I work 1-1 with new teachers to help them build their business from the ground up and turn their passion into a full-time career.

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Sometimes I write...

Take Off [my yoga teacher training part 1]

It doesn’t matter how much time I prepare, how many things I write down, or many days I give myself to pack. I always end up rushing around until 2 am the night before a 9 am flight. I have flown a lot, and been on many long term ‘staycations’ (moved across countries twice). You think by now I would have this thing down to a science. (more…)

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Week One [my yoga teacher training part 2]

How is it going?

Had you asked me this simple question on day 1, I probably would have told you that it was a breeze. Sure we have three hours of intense yoga practice, an hour-long meditation, and around 4 hours’ interactive class time, but it’s nothing I can’t handle.


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