The Library

An online studio and community membership

Born out of a call to be of service and a commitment to show up, The Library is a space for you to re-connect with yourself. For a monthly cost comparable to an average class, this offering is an extension of myself. This space was created with you in mind.
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A space to honour your practice
Live Classes

Livestream classes for you to take part in from the comfort of your own home. Raw, unedited and designed to challenge you. Enjoy that community feel and put together what you've learnt in real-time. Together we are stronger.

Want more freedom to practice?

Time, money and access can be real barriers to keeping up a daily practice. My hope with this space is to release you from these obstacles. Giving you the freedom to practice whenever you need, in whatever head space you might be in. You will find a mixture of yin and yang to keep you balanced, and a variety of classes to help guide your breath. Let this platform serve as a reminder of the real reason we practice.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can either sign-up to a Community Pass for unlimited access or pay for a Day Pass to access a one-off Live Stream.

My classes are all levels, so I offer plenty of variations to take things easy or to power through. The way you approach the classes is up to you.

I hope you never have to, but should your circumstances change, you will be able to cancel at any time.

A Library card gives you full access to the ENTIRE on-demand platform. Approximately 10 classes are added monthly in a variety of styles and lengths A community pass gives you the same as the Library + FULL ACCESS to the Live Classes and special discounts on events and retreats.

I've uploaded a sample class for you to enjoy at your leisure, and you're welcome to buy a day pass for 24 hour access.